Repository Overview for go-string

In this repository 1 committer has contributed to 14 files. The most important languages in this repository are Go, License and Markdown. The project has a low bus factor of 1 and will be in trouble if Ben Boyter is hit by a bus. The average person who commits this project has ownership of 100% of files. The project relies on the following people; Ben Boyter.

Repository Total Files 14
Estimated Cost $293,433 (why?) Code Lines 9,742
4 Languages

By File Count
Go 10 files 72% of project
License 2 files 15% of project
Markdown 1 files 8% of project
gitignore 1 files 8% of project
By Line Count
Go 9,704 lines 100% of project
Markdown 80 lines 1% of project
License 37 lines 1% of project
gitignore 1 lines 1% of project
1 Code Owners

By File Count
Ben Boyter 14 files 100% of project
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